The book that exposed Mount Everest

November 24, 2011

By Nimish Dubey

For most people, ascending Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on earth, remains the ultimate travel fantasy. For years, Everest had been most travellers’ holy grail, notwithstanding the risks involved (many people died in their attempts to conquer the peak). A major accident in May 1996 that claimed the lives of eight climbers did shock many but was initially considered part of the hazard of climbing. Until Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air hit the stands later that year.By far the highest selling book on mountaineering, Into Thin Air blew the top off the mountaineering guide business, showing how trained mountaineers acted as “guides” to take totally inexperienced people on to the top of the world. For a massive fee, of course. Brudklänningar

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