10 Things You Might Not Know About Jack Reacher

March 1, 2013


He is back. The man with the Holmesian sense of deduction and muscles like Arnie. There are few characters in the history of popular fiction like Jack Reacher, the former military policeman with a penchant of stumbling into–and sorting out–trouble.  Not surprising when you look at his skill set.


  1. Reacher is an American citizen, but he was born in Germany, at an airbase in Berlin.
  2. He served in the US Army Military Police for more than a decade.
  3. After leaving the service, he became a drifter and literally wanders from place to place, doing hard labour for a living.4
  4. Reacher only carries some cash, a foldable toothbrush, a debit card and an expired passport. He buys new clothes whenever the older ones get dirty. He does not have a driver’s licence but can drive.
  5. He can tell the time of the day or night, without looking at the watch. Handy.
  6. He is six feet and five inches tall, and weighs between 200 and 215 founds, with a 50-inch chest to boot and very low body fat. You would rather mess with the Zohan than with this guy.5
  7. He loves drinking coffee, and on the food front prefers eggs, pancakes and bacon. No, he has nothing against junk food.
  8. He has a very sharp brain and likes to run through battle options in his head before actually throwing punches. Incidentally, he has killed people with a single punch.2
  9. He is a loner. He hates crowds.
  10.  If you enter a room and see a big guy sitting in a corner with his back to the wall with a view of the door, check again. It might be Jack Reacher. He likes to see who walks into a room. And hates to be attacked from behind.


Note: He owes his name to a lady in the supermarket, who thanked author Lee Child for getting something off a high shelf for her, saying he could get a job as a “reacher.” The first Jack Reacher book is called Killing Floor and was published in 1997.

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