Five reasons to grab an e-copy of Dan Brown’s new book (rather than a paper one)

April 11, 2013


It is set to hit the stands in May, and there is already a considerable amount of Interest in Dan Brown’s  next Robert Langdon thriller, Inferno. Most websites and bookstores are offering pre-order options for book lovers. Our advice, however, is to opt for an e-book edition of Inferno rather than a paper one. Ths is our five-point rationale:

  1. It costs a whole lot lesser: The hardcover edition of the book is expected to cost Rs 750 in India and $ 29.95 in the US, with retailers offering special packages that cost Rs 525 and $ 17.49. Compare that with the e-book edition at Amazon Kindle which costs $8.18 (around Rs 450-465).
  2. You will get it instantly:  No need to go to the bookstore. You will get your copy of the book the moment it is released – and we hear the book will be released simultaneously in e-format.
  3. You can read it anywhere: Mr Brown’s books tend to be on the hefty side. Inferno is no exception, spanning more than 500 pages. You can opt to take it anywhere, or buy an e-book edition and read it on your phone, computer, tablet or e-book reader.
  4. The sharing factor: Like a passage or a slice of trivia in the book that you would like to share with your friends? You can opt to sit down with a paper copy and type it all out and post it on your FB page, wait for them to visit you so you can read it out to them, or simply share it directly from the e-book itself.
  5. Damage and theft proof: Your copy of the book is secure, even if your phone or computer crashes. You can access it from any device that can go online and pick up reading from where you left off. And there’s no chance of less than scrupulous “friends” just “borrowing” your copy and forgetting to return.
Convinced? If you are, you can head right to Amazon’s website and pre-order your copy of the Kindle edition of Inferno.

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