After Lincoln and JFK, O’Reilly now looks at the death of Christ!

May 26, 2013

jesusFox News host Bill O’Reilly seems to have something for assassinations. The past couple of years have seen him pen two bestselling books – Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy – on the assassinations of arguably two of the most popular presidents in the United States. Well, he has no plans of walking away from the “killing path” as it were, although in his next book, he has shifted focus from US presidents and is this time going to be looking at arguably the most famous execution in human history – that of Jesus Christ.

The book, which will (appropriately, some would say) be titled “Killing Jesus”, is expected to be released on September 24. Helping him will be his usual co-author Martin Dugard, who also worked with him on the Lincoln and Kennedy books. The book will be published by Henry Holt and Co,, and if rumour is to be believed, there is already talk of making a television series based on the book.

So what can we expect from “Killing Jesus”? Well, honestly, given the track record of the O’Reilly-Dugard team, we are expecting a compact book packing in a lot of trivia, narrated at a crackling pace. And yes, irrespective of what the hype machine says, we are not expecting any revolutionary revelations – O’Reilly is a master of the quick read rather than coming out with hidden facts. What however, we can guarantee is that the book will be a bestseller, will attract a bit of controversy and will also be immensely readable.

Oh yes, we have already asked our bookstore to keep a copy for us. Come September!

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