“All men are writers…”: Ten terrific quotes from Terry Pratchett’s Dodger

May 25, 2013


If you are the type that likes to collect good quotations – and many book lovers do – a Terry Pratchett book can be a treasure of sorts. Never short of wit and possessing the ability to be profound without being complicated, Pratchett’s books come laced with lines that you can quote aloud or just read to yourself. And smile. His latest work, Dodger (which we reviewed a few days ago), is no different.  Sure enough, we were marking out lines and passages that we would love to read and share. By the time, we were through, we had a few dozen of them. From which, the following ten were easily the best.

  1. “All men are writers, journalists scribbling within their skulls the narrative of what they see and hear.”
  2. “Money makes people rich; it is a fallacy to think it makes them better, or even that it makes them worse. People are what they do, and what they leave behind.”
  3. “What’s money interested in? More money.”
  4. “Dodger hadn’t had a day’s proper schooling. Instead, his life had mostly been spent learning things, which is surprisingly rather different.”
  5. “Money doesn’t do much when it’s standing still. It’s when it’s moving around that it really works.”
  6. “If you go around telling people that they are downtrodden, you tend to make two separate enemies: the people who are doing the downtreading and have no intention of stopping, and the people who are downtrodden, but nevertheless – people being who they are – don’t want to know.”
  7. “There will not be any hanky-panky, because I do not know what a panky is and I’ve never had a hanky. Only a wipe.”
  8. “Onto the world that is people paint the world that they would like.”
  9. “There ought to be signs, and if there was a sign there should be a sign on it to show that it was a sign so that you definitely knew it was a sign.”
  10. “When the kings and queens and knights and rooks find it difficult to move, the pawn may win the game”

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