Chacha Chaudhury on Google Play!

May 12, 2013

One of the most adored comic characters of India, Chacha Chaudhury, is available for download for Android users from the Books section of the Google Play Store.

Almost every one who was in school in the eighties and early nineties will have memories of reading the adventures of Chacha Chaudhury, the turbaned wise man whose brain “worked faster than a computer.” A creation of renowned cartoonist, Pran, Chacha Chaudhury was a staple diet for children in India at a time when the nation was starved of content for children (there was not much on TV channels either). In fact, he had a fair following among adults too, with his knack for sorting out trouble with minimum fuss and maximum wit – more often than not with a little help from the massive Sabu, who we were told came from the Planet Mars.

There are more than fifty Chacha Chaudhury comics up for download on the Google Play Store in the books section, each one priced at Rs 25. Most of them seem to be in English, which could be an issue, as the strips were written originally in Hindi and the translations often were not the greatest. The comics also are scans of the paper versions, which does not make for the greatest reading, but what the heck, we know a lot of people who will be cheering just to see one of their old favourites (he never seems to age!) back in their lives. Go right ahead and check out his comics on Google Play [here](

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