Iron Man Price Cut: More Than Fifty Comics for 99 cents each!

May 4, 2013


If you are among those who love the Iron Man series, or have just got addicted to it following Robert Downey Jr’s stunning performance as the man in the metal suit, we have got some very good news for you. More than fifty comics featuring Iron Man are up for download from Comixology, at 99 cents apiece. Now, when you consider that the price of an Iron Man comic is in the vicinity of a couple of dollars, that is very good value for money indeed.

What’s more, as these are digital comics, you can read them on different devices – your smartphone, your tablet and your computer (all you need is the Comixology app, which is a free download anyway and works on both iOS and Android). We can hear the paper-lovin’ crowd screaming that graphic novels look better on paper but hey, who are we to argue with a low price and ease of use? So if you are an Iron Man fan and have some cash to spend, head right here to make the most of this deal while it lasts.

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