Review Round Up: Inferno by Dan Brown

May 21, 2013


It has been exactly a week since Dan Brown released his latest Robert Langdon book, Inferno, and the reviews are almost all in (including our own ). So if you are still wondering whether Dan Brown has pulled off yet another winner with his usual blend of historical fact and thrilling fiction, here are some reviews that may help you make up your mind:

  • The Guardian: “I used to think that Dan Brown was merely bad. Now, after reading the latest version of the apocalyptic thriller he rewrites every few years, I suspect he might be mad as well.”
  • Daily News and Analysis (DNA): “Inferno gets dull after a point and you have to force yourself to plod through it; the action passages are too few and far between. It has none of the tautness and gripping, page-turning ability of Brown’s earlier thrillers. Fans would do well to return to those works to remind themselves that this author once wrote a convincing thriller.”
  • The Telegraph: “With Inferno I sense for the first time that Brown is aiming at a tauter, better book, one more interested in the real world, longing to escape from the prison of his pleonasm. But in the end this is his worst book, and for a sad, even noble, reason – his ambition here wildly exceeds his ability.”
  • Washington Post: “As with Brown’s other works, it’s more fun to read “Inferno” when you accept that every whoa-ful tidbit is true. Brown is at his best when he makes readers believe that dusty books and musty passageways are just covers for ancient global conspiracies. There is plenty of that in “Inferno” “
  • The Independent: “Brace yourself for a world-wide media outbreak of sizzling punditry about over-population, global resources and the promise or threat of genetic engineering. However barmy his premises, however leaden his prose, Brown retains all the advantages of surprise.”
  • USA Today: “Inferno throws Robert Langdon into the fire for an Italian adventure inspired by Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. The heroic effort is a better one than Brown’s last novel, The Lost Symbol, and comes close to the mega-popular The Da Vinci Code in terms of entertaining tension”
  • Business Standard: “Inferno might become more popular than The Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons, despite every atrocity he commits upon the gagged, bound, tortured and disembowelled corpse of the English language. And it might do that because Brown has reinvented the novel.”
  • Daily Mail: “Dan Brown claims to have gone into philosophical, theological and literary history in great depth for his books, but if he has done so, he has left no trace of these in-depth researches in Inferno. It’s all twaddle, but at least it is entertaining twaddle. Let’s just hope the new Pope won’t make the mistake of his predecessors and boost Brown’s sales even further by issuing a denunciation.”

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