Want to get robbed? Buy Dan Brown’s Inferno from Google Play!

May 21, 2013


Whenever we think that the pricing of e-books has finally reached sensible levels (which we think, is lower than that of paperback books), along comes something that proves us thoroughly wrong. Just a few days ago, we had pointed out that the e-book prices of both Dan Brown and David Baldacci’s latest titles (Inferno and The Hit, respectively) were significantly lesser than their paperback ones. Which, according to us, is the way it really should be – after all, there is no real paper cost or physical transport logistics expenses in digital titles.

So you can imagine just HOW staggered we are by the price of Dan Brown’s Inferno on Google Play – the official Android app store:  Rs 1680!

We do not have the remotest idea of how this price has been conjured up. Just consider the facts:

Official paperback price of Inferno: Rs 750

Price of the Kindle e-book edition of Inferno: Rs 517.56

Now, even if you went and bought BOTH, that would still be Rs 1267.56 – a full Rs 400-odd cheaper that the version being sold at Google Play. We have no idea what is so special about it, whether it has clips from an unreleased film, or maybe excerpts from the next Dan Brown book (although there is no such indication in the book’s description), but what we can confidently assert is that if you wish to be robbed or just have money to throw around, go and download Inferno from Google Play. It is available here


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