We have the new Dan Brown, within minutes of its release – without going to a book store

May 13, 2013

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We have just got our copy of the new Dan Brown book, Inferno, a few minutes ago. Yes, we know book stores do not open this early in Delhi. But then, you do not really need to go down to a bookstore if you had pre-ordered the book as we had from our Amazon Kindle account. The result? The book was downloaded on to our devices – an iPad running the Kindle app and the Kindle e-book reader – within seconds of its international release. And before you ask, no we did not have to pay twice – when you buy an e-book once from Amazon, you can use it on multiple devices. So, we paid USD 8.18 (about Rs 450), and did not have to stand in line to get the book, and what’s more, a single purchase is allowing us three of us to read the book on different devices at the same time.  Literally within minutes of its launch.

Yes, we know it does not smell or feel like paper. But it reads like it. And at the end of the day, we think that’s what matters most. If you want Inferno without the joys of heading to a book store and wondering if it is available there, grab it from here.

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