Miranda’s back! Sequel to Devil Wears Prada to arrive on June 25

June 20, 2013

RevengeWearsPrada_CoverIt was one of the bestselling books of 2003 and introduced one of the most memorable female villains of recent times in the form of Miranda Priestly, the tyrannical editor of a fashion publication. It also spawned a very successful film starring Anne Hathway and got an Oscar for the amazing Meryl Streep who played Miranda Priestly.

And now, it has a sequel. Yes, Lauren Weisberger has released the sequel to her 2003 bestseller, The Devil Wears Prada.

Titled Revenge Wears Prada, the book once again revolves around the protagonist of the first book, Andrea “Andy” Sachs. But while Andy had been bullied and pushed around by Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada, she is now an editor of a magazine in her own right, and as she turns thirty, is all set to get married. Life seems right on course for happiness.

And then Miranda Priestly steps in.

From what we have heard, the book sees the Andy-Miranda battle resume, and thankfully also sees Weisberger return to the cocktail of wit and cynicism that made the Devil Wears Prada a runaway hit, and which has according to most critics, been missing from her subsequent titles.

Will it be as successul as its predecessor? Will it see Anne Hathway and Meryl Streep reprise their roles as Andy and Miranda on the silver screen? We do not know. What we DO know is that Revenge Wears Prada will arrive in Indian bookstores on June 25. It has been released overseas and some expensive imported editions have made their way to stores, but the “official” paperback edition will be available from June 25 onwards for Rs 299 from Harper.

Yes, we have booked our copy. Yes, we will review it. Watch this space. As of now, for all her villainy and snobbishness, we are just delighted to see Miranda back in print. And hope La Streep plays her again.

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