Perhaps the best book on Sachin Tendulkar – and it is free for Kindle users today

June 16, 2013

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He may have amassed more international runs than any other cricketer at any time, but Sachin Tendulkar has been poorly served by the sports writer community. Although the man they call the “master blaster” has inspired a number of biographies, they have in general tended to veer from the utterly hagiographic to the unfairly criticial. Of the books written about him thus far, perhaps the most comprehensive in terms of detail is Vaibhav Purandare’s Sachin Tendulkar. Originally published in 2005, it has since received a couple of updates – the last being in August 2012, in the aftermath of the World Cup victory. With a foreword from Ramchandra Guha – perhaps the best Indian cricket writer alive – it is perhaps the closest anyone has come to a comprehensive look at the career of arguably India’s most famous cricketer. Spanning more than 400 pages, it details Tendulkar’s childhood and career in loving – if not always strictly objective – detail.

And it is available free of cost today as part of Amazon’s Free Kindle eBook fortnight. The entire book, updated to 2012. All you need to grab it for nothing is a Kindle device or any device running the Kindle app – it works on WP, iOS, BB and Android, so pretty much anyone with a smart device can get it.

And well, we do think it is worth a download for the sheer wealth of detail it offers. And if it comes free of cost, well, that is one massive bonus. Get it from here.


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