Rolling Stones 50 on Kindle- available for a third of the print edition’s price

June 30, 2013

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We have been observing how the prices of e-books on Amazon’s Kindle Store have been steeply declining of late. And yesterday yet another staggering deal was brought to our attention. One of the most high-profile coffee table books of last year was Rolling Stones 50, a staggeringly brilliant 352 page compilation of the journey of one of the world’s most famous rock bands, complete with rare photographs, and with commentary from the band members to boot – so you had massive pictures with comments from Messrs Jagger, Woods, Watts and Richards. With no tact or diplomacy whatsoever. Typical.

Published by Thames & Hudson, it weighed a staggering two and a half kilos. And well, came with a hefty price tag too – in the vicinity of Rs 2500 (prices vary depending on the bookstore and its interpretation of the exchange rate). Yes, it was awesome, but next to impossible to carry around. The hole it made in the wallet did not help.


So you can imagine just how delighted we were to discover that the same book was available in e-book format on the Kindle for as little as Rs 721. Yes, do the math – that’s more than a third of the price of the print edition, in fact it is almost close to a fourth of its price. And the best part – not only does the e-book edition of the title have all the content (the photographs, the commentary, everything) that was there in the print edition, it also comes with video footage and also an interactive world map, some neat photo viewing options and best of all, a feature called The Vault, which has a hundred exclusive pictures that are not there even in the print edition.

All this in a 91 MB download that you can carry around and read whenever you want on your Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone or Android phone and tablet.

To summarise – it has MORE content than its print edition, it is MORE portable, and it has a MUCH LOWER price. Oh yes, and it still is one book no music lover can really afford to miss. Interested? Buy it from here.

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