Sequel season: Eight super sequels coming up!

June 28, 2013

The year 2013 seems to be one for sequels. We have already seen Robert Langdon and Theodore Boone make appearances, and if the news trickling into our inbox is correct, there are a spate of other sequels that have either just arrived or headed their way to book stores all over the world in the coming days. And these in our opinion, are seven that are well worth looking out for:

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Yes, the tyrannical Miranda Priestly is back and although Andy Sachs no longer works under her and even has a magazine of her own, that does not stop the former from being as much a pain in the neck as ever. A sequel to the bestselling Devil Wears Prada. Already expected in book stores as this is being written.

Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding

She is still worried about her diet and her love life. And she is still writing away as merrily as ever. Yes, we are talking about Bridget Jones who is expected to return to our lives in October this year. And here’s a note of warning – it has nothing to do with the third Bridget Jones film under development.

No Man’s Nightingale by Ruth Rendell

Inspector Wexford is back! One of the most beloved characters pulled almost to the heights of pure literature by one of the most skilful narrators in the world, Wexford’s humanity as well as detective ability have won him a massive following. And we can see people lining up to grab this book which sees him investigate the murder of a church official of mixed parentage. He may have retired, might be reading more, but Wexford evidently has lost none of his guile. Coming in August.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

More than 35 years ago, Stephen King mesmerised millions of readers all over the world with The Shining, the story of an alcoholic writer who gets ‘possessed’ by a strange hotel. Well, the story continues in Doctor Sleep, with one of the survivors of the original tale once again grappling with other-world forces. We have been promised a horror classic, come September. Knowing King, delivery is guaranteed.

Never Go Back by Lee Child

A few years ago, people were wondering if he was alive at the end of a particularly horrific encounter, but fiction’s ultimate one man army, Jack Reacher, did not just survive that book but has also since inspired a Hollywood film. Never Go Back sees him return to the headquarters of his old Army unit. But of course, things go wrong. But of course, he sorts it out. How? We will discover in September.

Solo by William Boyd

The smoothest spy of them all returns under the helm of a new author. Yes, it is now William Boyd’s turn to have a go at handling Agent 007, better known to us all as James Bond. We will find out just how well he does in September, when Solo hits the stands. Evidently the book gets its name from the fact that this time Bond goes off on an unauthorised mission. We bet there will be ladies around, though. And danger. And guns.

Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin

When it comes to detectives of the modern era, few have matched the popularity of Ian Rankin’s gritty, authority-hating and yet brilliant John Rebus. And though he may have retired, Rankin has brought him back with telling effect. This book sees Rebus actually cross swords with the man Rankin brought in as his successor, Malcolm Fox. Past and present collide as an old murder case is reopened. We can’t wait for November when this book will hit the stands.

Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson

Ask people to name their favourite detectives of all time and it is a fair chance that Peter Robinson’s DCI Banks won’t be too high on the list, and yet, rare is the thriller loving reader who will pass a book featuring him without picking it up. The magic of Banks is in the fluent narration and the twists and turns in the plot, courtesy narration. We expect to see both in Children of the Revolution which will be arriving in August and sees Banks investigate the murder of a college lecturer who had been suspended for sexual misconduct many years ago.

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