Thrilling deal – three Jo Nesbo books for Rs 177 each!

June 24, 2013

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When it comes to thrillers from Scandinavia, there are many who believe that Jo Nesbo is in a league of his own. The Norwegian author is best known for his series of books featuring the cynical, hardbitten and yet brilliant detective, Harry Hole. So you can imagine just how delighted we were to discover that three books featuring that iconic character are available for special discounted prices from HarperCollins. The three books are:

  1. The Devil’s Star
  2. Nemesis
  3. The Redbreast

Each of these can be downloaded for $2.99 (approximately Rs 177) from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Apple’s iBooks Store, depending on your preferences and the availability of titles in your region – we checked, they are all available via Amazon Kindle in India. Now, that’s more than 50% off the paperback editions of these worthies. When we last checked, each of these came with a MRP of Rs 399. The math is simple, you can get all three books in e-book format for Rs 531, for which you would not even get two of them in paperback.

Good deal? You bet.

Interestingly, although these are not the first three books to feature Harry Hole, they are the first three in the series to be translated into English and for that reason are seen by many in the English-speaking world to be the pioneering of one of the most iconic thriller writers around Bridesmaid Dresses .

Yes, we are sure Harry Hole followers would have already read them in paperback. For them, this offer is a great opportunity to carry some of the best work featuring their favourite detective in their tablets or handsets. For those who have not read Harry Hole or Jo Nesbo, well, where have you been, folks? Never mind. Just grab this awesomely priced trio. And do so fast – evidently this is a “limited period” offer.

You can get download links from here.

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