Guidelines for Clubs

BookWag does not want to impose any rules on clubs, leaving them free to work as they like best. But some guidelines may be handy to help you get going.


* Number of members: You can set a cap on how many members you would like. For quality discussions, we have seen up to 10-15 work well.
* Frequency of meetings:
How often and when will you like to meet? Weekly, fortnightly, monthly?
* Where will you meet:
At the same venue every time? Change it to be able to try different places? In cafes and restaurants, or at homes? What time – late mornings, lunch, high tea, evening drinks or dinner?
* Budgets:
Who will pay for expenses, if any, when you meet? Usually these are only on account of food and beverages. You can split equally, each pays for their own consumption or you can take turns paying for everyone – or even playing host at home.
* Genre:
Would you like to focus on a certain genre or type of books? Or even language for that matter – you don’t have to stick to English. Decide this in advance.
* Selection of books:
How will you decide on books to be read and discussed? Decide as a group or take turns to recommend something.
* Structure of meetings:
It is important you decide how you will structure your meetings. Will you discuss a book by taking turns to share your opinion on the chosen one? Would you like to plan something else too – like collaborating to write reviews, articles or even anthologies? You could throw in party games, a quiz, interesting foods, or even a non-book discussion (like some travel experiences).
* Criteria for membership:
Do you want to have any qualifiers for someone to be accepted as a member? Or will you be open to anyone joining?
* Member intake and removal:
This can be a tricky bit – who decides if someone can be taken in as a member, or removing them as one for various reasons? The last thing you want is politicking and bickering – the idea of the club will be lost then. But there can be genuine reasons why some harsh decisions have to be taken – just handle it in the best possible manner. BookWag will not arbiter in these matters.
* Plan larger events:
From time to time, clubs may plan larger events where you may invite the larger BookWag community to participate. These may be literary festivals, outstation travel, author talks etc.


While BookWag is very flexible in its functioning, clubs will have to adhere to some rules to stay a part of the community:

* News updates: We will need report, at least once a month, on your activities. This will include a brief about your last meeting, the schedule of upcoming ones, list of books being discussed, other events being proposed etc. Include photographs if possible.
* Write for
This is not really mandatory, but we will like you to share your opinions of books to be published on the site. This can be an individual member’s take on a book, or something you have put together as a group based on your discussions. Of course, these will have to be credible and readable to be published.
* Membership Updates:
We will need you to update us whenever new members are inducted or if anyone opts out or is asked to leave.