Start a Club

Starting your own book club under BookWag is very simple. This is what you need to do:

* Who: Anyone may step forward to start a club. You could be an individual or a group. There is no limit on how many clubs may start. Clubs may also be started in schools, colleges, classrooms, offices etc.
* Coordinators: Appoint one or more persons to be the coordinators and contact persons. Their emails and phone numbers will be shared publicly. You may create a separate email ID for the purpose.
* Branding: Give your club to be suffixed to BookWag. It could be anything you like. Some examples (we are sure you can do better than this): BookWag Chennai Fictioners, BookWag Delhi Panchsheel, BookWag Mumbai Sci-Fi Lovers etc. This name will be used to distinguish you.
* Functioning: Decide on broad rules for your club. Read the ‘Guidelines for Clubs’ to help you plan better.
* Go Online: Share the above information with BookWag and we will post the same on the site and on Facebook.
* Add Members: You may choose to add new members when contacted by others. How many you induct and who you accept is entirely your decision – after all, you need a like-minded group to function well. Do get to know each other well to feel comfortable and safe with one another.
* Subscribe: We need to be able to contact all members regularly. ‘Click here’ to fill out a membership form.
* Members List: Send us a list of all members with the following information: Full Name, Address, Occupation, Email and Mobile / Telephone. Please keep us updated with any changes.
* Stay Active: It is important you are an actively functioning club. If BookWag feels you are dormant, then we could take you off till you are ready to be book clubbing again.

Are you all set? Send us a mail at with the above information to get going.